These are the frequently asked questions from our customers. If you have more queries feel free to mail us

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What do you require for Dropshipping website?

We require only custom domain name from you. We will send you a mail about the domain name you want, once you have bought website package.You can reply to that mail and you have to tell a domain name(you can give any, if it's available). That's all , you can leave everything to us. Our team will create a new gmail account for you and register the domain name and they will create all necessary accounts using that. After your website is built they will give all the account details &password (We recommend you to change it after you receive).

How many days it will take to create the website?

Once you have provided us the domain name, You will get website and videos within 72 hours. Our team will contact you for the domain name once we get your order. You can check domain availability here.

Will you create shopify store?

No we only create wordpress/woocommerce store. It is very cheap compared to shopify and you have lot of plugins for different uses. Unlike shopify its just one time payment for hosting and dropshipping plugin.

Can you make Print On Demand store?

Yes, but you won't get dropship plugin to build print on demand store.

If I already have hosting and domain do I need to pay that full price?

No need. Contact our support team if you already have hosting. They will send you a coupon to reduce price. You can use it and buy ultimate website at discount price. You have to provide us your hosting credentials in this case.

Will you do any other required edits to website?

No. WordPress website cannot be edited as per our wish because we don't build it with coding. But our team will make sure that you are happy with website.

Will you suggest niche and add products to our website?

No. It's all up to you in which niche you want to start business. You cannot succeed in a niche which you don't have any knowledge so we allow you to make decision by yourself. We do not add products to your website but we will provide you the videos that give step by step process to add products. Don't worry it's just drag and drop process.

How many days your support will continue after building website?

Unfortunately we do not provide any support. We only create website and give you tutorial videos. There is no need for us to provide support. If there is any server error you can contact hostinger.

Will you provide refund?

No we do not provide refund to any package. Since we have to pay for hosting we do not provide any refund. Don't worry we provide the best design for you.

About promotion

Will I get sales?

Actually we are more concerned about your sales than you. Our motto is to become the top digital marketing company working for large enterprises. But we have a long way to go so if you get sales, we get positive feedback and that will help us grow. Even social media platform ads like FB ads and Instagram ads cannot guaranty you the sales so as we.Getting sales depends on the products you sell so we cannot give guaranty.

Do we really get the promised traffic to our site?

Yes you will. You can totally trust us.You can refer to google analytics and Shopify analytics. Goto "Google analytics -> Acquisition -> Social/Referral" to see from which social media platform you are getting traffic.

When you will start promotion?

We provide certain interlude ( interval) for you to learn our course and add products to your store. After that gap we will start the promotion. For current course the interval is 1 week. We will start promotion after 1 week.

How you do your promotion?

We will promote your store on different social media platforms for promised duration and drive promised traffic to your store

How much traffic will I get for my website?

We will drive promised traffic to your store in promised duration. If its 10 days est. traffic will be nearly 5000. If its 30 days est. traffic will be 20000. This is based on our previous promotion analysis.

Will you give any posts or ads that you use for promotion?

No. Unfortunately we cannot reveal our expert material. We don't reveal how exactly do it. If it's revealed there is no use of hiring us (frankly speaking). But still we will start a youtube channel soon where we teach some of the techniques we use. You can learn from there.