Refund policy (We have changed our refund policy please visit new page)

We follow strict Refund policy. It is one of the main component for our customers trust on Savedigi .

We provide services on monthly basis. We promised you that you will get certain amount of visits once you choose our packages.

If we failed to send visitors to your website i.e. after one month / 2 months if you see that you didn’t get the promised visits you can request for the refund. Our decision over the refund will be final. If we see that you got promised visits we cannot process the refunds.

You must check your google analytics account to see the traffic. Sometimes shopify analytics or facebook pixel cannot capture traffic because we send robot traffic to reach the estimations. You will get few traffic from promotions and remaining are bot traffic.

You can only request refund after one month because sometimes the promotion might be slow and people response will be late.

Packages like Micro Longterm promotion, Macro Longterm Promotion ,Ultimate website , Simple website and any other service related to website building are Non-Refundable. Our policies might undergo changes, please keep checking them.